Spanish classes

Baños Spanish Center was the first language school in Baños and has operated for more than 25 years. The Center is ideally situated near the center of town, has spacious classrooms, and a beautiful garden.

We offer individual and group lessons. Below is a summary of the classes and pricing. As well we have WiFi in the whole school.

Upon arrival, we will assess your level of speaking, writing, and understanding Spanish. We also understand that our students have different learning styles. Some are more kinetic learners while others prefer a more traditional approach. Your lessons will be tailored especially for you focusing on the areas in most need of improvement. This enables you to maximize your learning whether you are an absolute beginner or nearly fluent.

One-on-one instruction
Each student is paired with a professor for lessons of two to four hours per day. We use a proven immersion process, meaning all instruction is given in Spanish. (English is used only when necessary).

This enables students to learn at a much more rapid pace. All instruction is highly catered to the individual student. Depending upon the interests and needs of the student, specific vocabulary can be taught.

Intensive Group Instruction
With a maximum of six people, group instruction is effective and fun for groups who share an area of interest and are at similar levels of Spanish. Instruction is tailored for the needs of the group.

Specialized Group Instruction
Baños Spanish Center provides specialized instruction for medical, missionaries, and environmental/cultural professionals. Instruction includes relevant vocabulary and is structured to meet the needs of the group.


Baños Spanish Center - 8-20 Oriente Ave. and Julio Cañar, at the corner - Baños - Ecuador
Phone: (593) 987-045072 -